Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Beauty Tips for Spring! Martha Stewart live radio show

Spring is a great time to think about a fresh start. If you're a makeup lover or just want to pamper yourself, these 10 tips will enhance your beauty and give you a fresh new look for the season.

#1 ‐ Treat Your Skin

Winter can be hard on your skin. Give it a little boost by removing all the dry patches and dead skin with a salon facial or home treatment. Exfoliate gently and moisturize with good natural products that allow you skin to breath and glow. Your skin will thank you!

#2 ‐ Shape Your Brows

Have your eyebrows gently shaped. The trend for eyebrows is natural and well‐groomed, but not bushy. Remove small hairs under the brow line for a clean look. Use a brow gel to brush the hair in a natural direction. Try either a clear eyebrow gel or a tinted product that matches your hair color to cover grays or create a more dramatic look.

#3 ‐ Apply Concealer

Use a concealer that's just a shade lighter than your foundation and apply it under your eyes. If dark circles are a problem, select a slightly yellow‐tinted product. Concealer brightens up the eye area and gives you a healthy, cleaner look. To cover any blemishes elsewhere on your face, use a concealer that matches your skin tone. This step will enable you to use less foundation and have an evenly toned, natural look to your complexion.

#4 ‐ Glow with the Right Foundation

Sheer foundations, formulated with moisturizer and SPF are the thing for spring! This season, it's all about skin with a natural glow. After your concealer, use a light coverage foundation in either a liquid or mineral powder. Apply lightly to just even out your skin tone. Make sure you have a perfect match to your own skin tone for a natural look.

#5 ‐ Blush for All

Cream‐formula and tints are making a big splash this spring. Use sheer, pinks and peach tones for a beautiful daytime look. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend out to the sides of your face for soft, sheer coverage.

#6 ‐ Spring Colors for Daytime Look

In keeping with the trend of pinks and soft pastels, eye shadow colors this spring include. Lavenders, pinks, roses ,oranges and soft pastels. Many shimmer with gold and pearl‐essence for a look that's refreshing. Gentle hints of color on lids and around eyes this spring will makes everyone feel younger and beautiful.

#7‐ Define Your Eyes for Evening

For a defined look, try a gray, silver or green liner around the eyes. Softly smudge on the outer edges to avoid a harsh line and provide a clean, fresh appearance. If you're looking for extra drama, go for the liquid and gel liners in black or a colored French line on top along the lash line and feather out.

#8 – Curl Your Lashes

Big and lush lashes are still in this spring. Begin with an eye lash curler, and then add a few false lashes starting from the center of the eye to the outer edges. Add a single coat of black mascara for the best results. Clean up after to remove clumps with a lash comb or your fingers.

#9 ‐ Enhance those Lips

This spring, lipstick and gloss colors feature shell pink, soft rose, warm peach and neutral tones. Line the edge of your lips with a natural, flesh

‐tone lip liner, over a neutral, long‐lasting lip base. This extra step will keep your lip color on much longer without touch‐ups.

#10 – Accent with Shimmers

Shimmers in creams and powders add something extra to your makeup. Apply along cheek bones after a long day, to freshen up or for an evening out. Dust a little on your shoulders and neck for added glow. Almost all makeup brands carry a shimmer product.

The Finished Look!